30 Things Before 30

2017 is the year I turn 25, and be closer to 30 than 20 (Scary!). I’ve not done as much as I’d have liked to with my life so far, and therefore I compiled a list, a list I’d like to go through with you over the next five years before I have to settle down and be a real adult.

  1. Buy my first car
  2. Have my own place
  3. Visit a new city
  4. Re-learn basic piano
  5. Try scuba diving
  6. Take a pole-dancing class
  7. Get a complete makeover
  8. Own a genuine designer handbag
  9. Write a book (no matter how (un)successful)
  10. Travel to a country I’ve never been
  11. Get in contact with an old friend
  12. Take a risk, do something outside my comfort zone
  13. Try 30 new cocktails
  14. Photograph the perfect sunrise
  15. Read 30 new books
  16. Learn to bake a new recipe
  17. Do a marketing course
  18. Take part in volunteer work
  19. Find a new job
  20. Complete a game without a walk-through
  21. Get involved in some amateur dramatics
  22. Join a club
  23. Show confidence in a tricky situation
  24. Have an article published
  25. Learn a second language
  26. See a rock concert
  27. See wild elephants
  28. Maintain this blog longer than a few months…
  29. Get a boyfriend
  30. Get back into swimming