Baby Days

I’ve actually had quite the eventful weekend for a change. Friday saw me meeting with my friend for tea and a catch up after months of not seeing each other, before moving on to the Grimsby Auditorium to see British comedian Joel Dommett on stage. It’s safe to say we were laughing our pants off, a great way to wind down for the weekend. I also bought three new games on Friday, so Saturday was sorted, and then yesterday I visited another friend and ex-work colleague to finally meet her baby girl.

Now, I honestly don’t think I have a single maternal bone in my entire body, and I’ve never coped well with children in general, never mind fragile and defenseless babies that look like they could snap in a second. To be fair, she was sweet and it was great seeing her mother again, but babies just aren’t my thing and that’s all there really is to it. I opted out of holding her, but was determined to embrace the experience in other ways.

I’ve only ever been around one other baby in my life, and that was several years ago. Being the youngest in my family, all of my cousins etc. were already older than me, which might honestly have something to do with my aversion to and lack of experience with small children – who knows? But you must make the most of any uncomfortable situation, and it was actually weirdly fascinating seeing early motherhood in action. I’d never seen how a nappy was changed, and even dressing her seemed like a trial. It’s things that are just completely outside the realms of my imagination at this stage in my life, but the reality is that I am at the age where many of my peers have started or are starting families.

It’s an odd transition to get used to at first, especially if you’re still acting like you’re still a twenty-year-old student, and it really makes you think about the future, about where your own life is heading. We’re all growing up at while it’s scary it’s simply inevitable. In fact, it’s enough of a kick to get me back on track again, if only I could figure out exactly what it is that I actually want… Seriously guys, if any of you have just finished college or university and are feeling at a loss of what to do with your adult life, join the club. You have time, trust me. I think I’ll still be figuring it all out well into my thirties at this rate…

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