OMG I Fly On Sunday!

I had my birthday on May 23rd, and so far, 25 hasn’t treated me so badly – I would imagine mostly due to the fact I’m now just a stones throw away from my first ever solo travel adventure abroad (And partly that I got some awesome new video games that have had me hooked for the past week). Yes, my first trip on an aeroplane without company is literally a couple of days away now, and I’m not sure whether to feel fear or excitement. I think it’s probably quite natural to experience both emotions whenever trying something new. You’re bound to be nervous, but the rush of anticipation is also simply exhilarating.

I’m sure it can’t go too far wrong, as I’m no stranger to travelling in general and a couple of days in I’m joining up with a group, but even if everything doesn’t quite go to plan, this is just the kind of kick that I need. I explained when starting this blog how 2017 was going to be my year, the year I turned it all around and started to take control of my life – and this is a vital step in achieving that. You should always take opportunities like this when they arise. Never turn down something you really want to do just because you’re afraid of what could go wrong. I could easily have backed out of this venture as the thought of not only being alone in a foreign country but also having to meet and engage with new people is scary for me, but I know deep down that it’s going to be great.

I guess my lesson today is that you’ll never regret doing something more than you will not doing it. Life is about taking risks, leaving your comfort zone. I didn’t tell a guy once how I really felt about him before we parted ways, and now we’ve just lost touch anyway. I skipped out on an awesome-sounding spontaneous Kaiser Chief’s gig while I was in London to have dinner with my friends as none of them wanted to go. These things happened years ago, and yet they still stick with me. Why? Because I was too afraid to follow my gut and give it a shot.

Maybe I’ll love my trip, maybe I’ll hate it – but the only thing I can be certain of is that I’ll never know until I try.

You can follow my journey in my Travel Diary on

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