A Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

My birthday is on a Tuesday this year – Yeah, what a boring day for a birthday… So I had my treat this weekend, which included a visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. While it doesn’t quite live up to some of the bigger zoos (London, Chester, Paignton etc., which are all fantastic), it’s actually not a bad little park, and we did get some pretty great views of some pretty great animals.

I’ve always been a lover of animals, and visiting zoos and safari parks is always a day well spent in my mind. Highlights definitely included the Amur Leopard and the Guinea Baboons, and we had a great laugh watching a couple of Six-Banded Armadillos race around the edge of their enclosure, scurrying as fast as their little feet could carry them.

It’s not the biggest of places, and you can walk around it all in just a few hours, but this means that you’re not in any great hurry and so can actually take the time to really admire each species without fear of missing out on something else. We watched the baboons for ages, as they hopped and skipped around, playing and fighting and swinging from rope.

Of course, a smallish place means a slightly shy variety of animals, but it makes up for this with its more unusual residents. Sure, you miss out on Elephants, but you get Polar Bears, and this means for a refreshing change. All in all it was a great way to spend my “birthday”, and I’d definitely recommend a visit if you live close by (it was only about an hours drive for us) and are looking for something to do for a day, but maybe don’t come too far out of your way.

See my Instagram for more photos!

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