Easter Goodies

Among the dull, repetitive days in the office, this year’s Easter break was a much-needed release. I travelled to Hull to do some shopping, and went on a night out with my friends – and that’s without even mentioning the epic chocolate egg that I’d been itching to open. I’m talking thick shell embedded with chocolate chips and malt balls kind of epic.

But as much as I love these things, I still can’t help but wonder what ever became of this holiday, or in fact all religious festivals. I’m not the religious type, and I’m just glad for some shorter weeks at work, but really, with the blind commercialism it’s almost as if it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Still, like I said, I’m just thankful for some down time. It’s been nice to splurge a little and spend some money on myself, as I don’t really do much in the way of shopping these days. And the drive to Hull alone was good practice. And we had a nice meal and dessert. And we saw the most adorable Lego floral display! Then later came the drinking and the dancing and the karaoke. And then came work again. Yawn.

You should always try and make the most of your spare time, whatever activities you enjoy. After all, you’ll appreciate those extra days when you don’t have them anymore…

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