At the Risk of Getting Political……

I’m not one of these uneducated political enforcers who pollute social media with any kind of propaganda, but I just have a little message I need to get off my chest this evening. I feel better after my previous post rant about infuriating work clients, but seeing some of the comments from my “friends” on Facebook regarding yesterday’s incident at Westminster since getting in from work has put me back in a bad mood. Every time something bad happens, the same suspects jump right on the “Britain First” bandwagon. So yeah, this is a message for you.

Seriously, I know so many openly racist people it’s actually quite scary in terms of the potential future of our town and wider society. Yes, what happened in London yesterday was tragic, but “closing our borders” or “shipping out all the Muslims” isn’t going to just stop bad things from happening. There’s so much more to it than that than any of us can probably even comprehend. I’m certainly no expert, but I don’t just jump to these kinds of ignorant conclusions, without all the facts, and that’s what infuriates me so much.

The thing is, who’s to say a white British national won’t be inspired by ISIS to kill a bunch of people and a “foreigner” coming to England won’t come up with a cure for cancer or fund the building of a new school? The fact is, while terrorists and extremists do often hail from Muslim communities, there are perfectly reasonable people in every religion, and terrorism can actually come from anywhere, especially since we’ve gained the ability to access the internet.

It’s in times like these that we should be focusing more on multi-cultural unity, not less, banding together simply as good people, regardless of our ethnicity, to support each other through the loss and hardship that these sick individuals cause. You can’t blame entire nations for the actions of a handful of people – it’s simply not fair.

Without going too deeply into my politics and beliefs, I personally support immigration, but if you have genuine reason to disagree with me, such as considering the affects on population and housing, for example, then that is fine and I believe you are entitled to that view. But for the people who are against immigration simply because they’re “different” and “not British”, is absurd. Trying to kick everybody out of the country is not the answer to stopping attacks on our communities and state buildings, and besides, what even is “British” these days anyway?

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