Escape to Fantasy Land

As you’ve probably noticed, March has been a quiet month for me, but even though I haven’t been posting, that doesn’t mean I’ve completely forgotten my responsibilities. Finally, I’m freed up and motivated enough to get the juices flowing again and write a short post. My March has pretty much been the month of books, whether that’s reading or writing. I’ve spent endless hours wandering the house with my Kindle and counting the minutes down at work until I can pick up and carry on with my story. I’ve also been revisiting some old plot ideas for my own work, and doing a bit of creative writing to keep my hand in.

My reading binge has been an interesting one. Reading is an escape, and it’s been keeping me entertained for hours on end, but the genre I’ve not been able to get away from over these past few weeks is romance. It all started with seeing Fifty Shades Darker. I then came home and almost immediately re-read the book series so I could carry on the story there and then. It was at the closing of the final page of the final book that I realised I wasn’t finished yet. This has led to endless browsing on Amazon, flippantly downloading more and more new romance titles. I’d review some, but quite frankly, there’s been too many to focus on right now and the number is still on the rise.

But, while I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself and picking up notes, themes and tips for my own romantic scenes, it’s a bittersweet feeling deep down. I’m no idiot, and can tell fiction from reality. Therefore, I know the probability of meeting an impossibly attractive guy and having him fall instantly in eternal love with me is startling low, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel things when I read passages about characters who do have that. I’m viewing relationships with rose tinted glasses in these instances, but it does invoke a sense of loneliness, of longing, leaving me wishing I could find someone who cared about me like the men in these books care about their girlfriends.

I always think it’s so hard striking a good balance between romantic and realistic, and I’ll let you know if I find the perfect scenario in any of these stories. Still, I’m just kind of rambling and almost writing more for myself than an audience right now, but the point is that I’ve not vanished off the face of the Earth – not physically anyway! Mentally, I dunno; I think I’ve drifted away to a foreign land or two along the way… It’s time for me to get my head out of the clouds and think seriously about getting my life in order again. Yes, I’m sure April will have some great moments to come…

P.S. Feel free to send me any book recommendations in the comments!

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