The Job Interview

Sitting in the waiting room, there is a sense of serene quiet, clean and bare and calming come unnerving. I sit and watch the clock tick by. I knew I was early, but I wasn’t expecting the wait to be so agonisingly long. Tick tock, tick tock. I’m transfixed as the red hand circles it’s way around the clock, breaking only in brief bursts to examine the room around me while trying to avoid direct eye contact with the silent receptionist. The reception area is all green upholstery and light, curved wood. Newspaper stands line the wall and trophy cabinets sit proudly with them.

Finally, I am greeted. I hastily try to fix my hair as I walk, aware that it has begun to come out in waves after exposure to the lashing rain outside. Oh well, however I look is how I look and I have to focus on getting through the next hour without tearing my pinching black court shoes off my aching feet.

Upstairs I am given the tour of the open plan office, before being led into a small room. I sit before two men, my anticipation rising. The key with interviews is to have confidence and direction, and not look too nervous or unsure. The conversations are naturally interrogative, but the back and forth still rather conversational a I explain the relevance experience I have gained in my current job. I’m not so sure if I have done enough, as I could have been slightly more prepared, but my time is now up.

When I have any interview, I always try to apply these five key principles…

  • Exhume confidence and make eye contact
  • Be friendly – smile
  • Do your research and come prepared with suitable questions, and remember you need them to convince you they’re worth working for almost as much as you need to convince them they should hire you. Never be afraid to ask
  • Bring extra copies of your CV, and for creative roles an additional portfolio
  • Finally, Dress to impress

For my first interview in years, I don’t think I did too badly, especially as it’s a car drive away in a neighbouring town. The important thing is to show confidence and have belief in yourself. I might get it and I might not, but all you can really do is try your best.

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