Valentine’s Day – The Truth


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Vodka is cheaper, Than dinner for two.

Yes, of course I had to do a post about Valentines Day – it is February after all and for some bizarre reason that means we should express our love differently to any other time of the year. Yes, Valentines Day, what can I say about this most cherished of holidays? Now, before you go accusing me of being a bitter singleton, know that even on the two Valentines Days in my life I’ve been a relationship, I’ve still not really got on board with the whole idea.

I’m going to tell it as it is. Valentines Day is nothing more than a second Christmas – built around pure consumerism. The prices of things like chocolates and flowers go up and all the while you’re forced to buy them now more than ever. I’m sorry, but getting me a red card with hearts on and a box of chocolates on February 14th isn’t going to make me love you any┬ámore or any less. It’s generic and simply an expectation that you’re going along with. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s not special. And even if my imaginary partner were to do something exceptionally romantic that is personal and something I as an individual would really appreciate, why February 14th? That’s basically suggesting that every other day of the year this kind of thing isn’t necessary. And if you’re in a relationship where the romantic touches do happen all year round, why should you care about Valentines Day in particular anyway?

Couples should buy each other the occasional “just because” gift at any time of the year, “just because,” instead of relying on a capitalist annual festival involving gifts no one really wants and that makes all the singles in the world miserable that no one loves them enough to take them out, or resentful that they don’t their own yearly celebration. Why should we suffer just because we don’t have a significant other in our lives? That’s just unfair!

It’s so easy to get drawn into this kind of thing, especially in the early stages of a blossoming new romance, but come on, really? I say roll on Pancake Day where I can acceptably stuff my face in the comfort of my own home and not get branded sad and lonely.

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