The signs of a great friendship

You can always count on your friends, at least that’s what I like to believe. It’s mid-February and I’ve already hit a stump after my productive start to the year. The January buzz is gone and I’m having to convince myself I’m still going to be ok. It’s in times like these when you realise how truly important your friends are, even for the little things. They don’t have to help you with a profound problem, they just have to be there.

Tonight my old friend from work returned to town for a visit from her new home up north. I was just changing into my heels by the side of my car when I spotted shadows approaching out the corner of my eye. I glanced across the car park and sure enough, there she was walking towards me with her boyfriend, her signature curly hair bobbing with every step.

It’s been a long while since I last saw her, and despite the vast number of social media channels we’re connected through, I haven’t kept in touch as much as I probably should have. Still, it was a really nice night. By driving I committed to not drinking, but honestly, I didn’t need it. Sometimes you get so used to needing alcohol to make a night out worth doing, but tonight, their company alone was enough. We only sat an talked for a few hours, but it was great and I left feeling genuinely happy, reminded that there are always still people in the world I get on with, that while we may not be in constant contact we can still maintain a solid friendship.

It makes me reflect on my friends here. I’m not a very sociable person in general, and I can go months without making plans with anyone – and yet when I do come to want to do something, it’s like we were together just yesterday. It’s when you feel like this that you know you have a true, real friend, when you can get through anything and everything. Frizzy actually inspires me in many ways with her positivity. She’s not exactly where she expected to be, but she’s doing ok, and anything she can handle I’m sure I can too with the right motivation.

It’s a reminder that I need to start taking more chances and leave my comfort zone. She left me with some sound advice. Happiness comes first. It may not be a natural career move, but leaving a job to work somewhere that will make you happy, for example, will fulfill you more and make you feel much better and more enthusiastic about life. After all, as long as we’re making enough money to live on, what does our profession really matter if it means sacrificing everything else. I am, once again, rethinking things and continuing to try and mold the more ideal life, and it’s all because of an old friend, an old friend that I truly cherish and plan to be more involved with again in the future.

It’s when you realise how important a friend is to you that you realise you’ve found a keeper. There’s honestly no need for negativity in your life, so don’t worry about surrounding yourself with lots of friends. I’d choose quality over quantity any day, and am not afraid to connect with people who live miles away either, and that is one of the most vital life lessons I’ve had to learn over the years.

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