The New Car

I picked up my new car today. I have now driven it a total of three times. I am struggling.

I didn’t realise quite how tricky it would be getting used to a different car, especially after a couple of months without doing any driving. So I think it’s safe to say I need a little practice. To add to the difficulty, by the time I was taking it back out (after letting rush hour pass since I had to pick it up at 4:30) to fill its almost-empty tank with fuel, it was dark.

Now, I’ve never, in all my driving lessons, once driven in the dark. And it is a different experience. Most troubling for me though was before I’d even set off. I felt so stupid, but it’s a real issue that I hadn’t even thought about, and so I wasn’t adequately prepared.

When I got in the car, I couldn’t actually see anything. After feeling around for the key slot I started the engine, but before I set off I wanted to put in my new mix CD I’d make specially for my first real drive the night before (Girl Power! Mix – Oh yeah!). I try jamming it in the slot – it falls to the floor. There I am feeling around again to pick it up. Try again, drop it again – can’t see what I’m doing at all. Eventually, I figure out how to put the front inside light on, which did help a little bit – helped me to realise that there was already a disk in the CD player (obviously that of the last owner), so now I’m not only a car owner, but the owner of a nifty Plan B CD. Ha! BCD – just me? Ok, moving on.

Finally, my music was blaring out of the speakers and I pulled off, heading towards a petrol station. Luckily, from my numerous trips with my parents, I knew the way to Tesco, so picked that as my destination. Once there, it took me a minute to figure out how to get the fuel cap off, but nothing took as long as figuring out the “pay at pump” system I was faced with. I could feel myself taking time, juggling my things and doing twirls round the petrol pipe to avoid getting tangled. A car was waiting patiently behind for me to finish, which I appreciated considering I clearly looked as clueless as I felt.

And then I was done, all fuelled up. I’d successfully made my first trip and given it petrol for the first time too. Which I would have marked as a win, if it wasn’t for when I got home and – in the same dark interior situation – spent almost five minutes trying to find the door handle to get out… Yeah…

Hopefully, I’ll get more used to both the car and night driving before too long, but it was certainly an experience anyway – and we all must have at least one funny driving story, right? Please say yes!

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