A lot to say about yesterday…

Yesterday was quite a significant Saturday. I finally took the reins of my life and made the decisions I’ve been saying I’m going to make for so long before. I am now an actual car owner, and I am also booked to travel (alone for the first time) to European destinations I haven’t come across yet – Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia? Yeah, it should be good!

But of course, that’s the news in the tiny little bubble that is my world. When in reality, there is more at play on a much larger scale. Of course, I am talking about the worldwide women’s marches against new US President Donald Trump following his inauguration on Friday. Whichever side of the coin you stand on (I’m with the women, by the way), there is no denying the power that can come from such a large, unified group. Seriously, with all the cattiness and bitchiness women express towards each other, seeing girls and women not only in Washington but across the entire globe stand together and unite in support of our rights is quite simply staggering, and something that will likely go down in modern history.

I just wonder how long it’s going to be until things begin to die down and people begin to accept that, like it or not, enough people voted to ensure that Trump is president now – it had better be soon or he’s going to have a tough old time ahead of him! Then again, he’s only brought it on himself… It must be hard having all that responsibility to be a voice for all of those very different people, but surely, after all the nationwide and worldwide traction this movement has developed, he has to listen and adapt his thinking at least a little. So well done girls, for actually standing up for what you believe in – our lives and decisions matter just as much as anyone’s.

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