Find something that makes you happy

It’s been about a week since I last had the motivation to write on here. The latter part of last week was bad – with the depression setting back in at work and me wondering what more there could possibly be in my life, what I could actively do to boost my motivation and actively make the changes I know I need to make. Life sucked – in fact I think it was work that sucked the life out of me.

Then came the weekend. Now, I was not being sociable or going on adventures or doing anything very worthwhile, and my mum would continuously nag me to do something different already, but I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday playing video games. I’m aware it’s not productive, but it’s the thing that I enjoy doing and engage with most in the world.

I was at a low point, and being able to play games lifted me up again. At the end of the day, whatever anyone says, I love playing video games. Sure, it hasn’t helped me to progress towards my life goals in the slightest, but it brought me back to a place where I believed in happiness again – and as a consequence, today I am back up on my blog. I am searching for new jobs. I’ve even started toying with travel opportunities.

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost – something that, however useful or useless, makes you feel happy, to give you that flurry of passion again. Never let anyone tell you anything is a waste of a time. If it helps you to cope with whatever you’re going through in life, it is always worth it – even if it does mean sitting in front of a screen in old jogging bottoms and sweatshirts mindlessly whittling the hours away with virtual avatars.

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