It’s hard being an adult…


I’m in the mood to write, but I don’t really have anything to talk about right now. And yet a particular quote I saw while idly browsing Facebook today sums up how it feels to be a young adult in my mid-twenties in the best possible way, and it gave me comfort that someone else out there feels this way too. It’s not even like I’m an 18 year old “adult.” I can now call myself nothing but. I am an adult, and knowing that alone is somewhat terrifying.

I’m sure like-minded individuals can relate when I say that I still don’t actually feel like an adult at all. I still rely on my parents for the answers. I still expect my more senior colleagues to know more than I do and have more responsibility, even though I have ma university degree of my own. And yet in reality, I know that I do have that information in there and I do have the mental capacity to make my own decisions. Again, it’s just scary.

Why we spend so much of our childhood wanting to grow up is now beyond me, because being a grownup is tough. I genuinely feel like I’ve had my quarter-life crisis already, with last year’s realisation that I need to move on and do something with my life, instead of wasting away in a dead-end job I hate just because it’s safe, and going on party holidays with a load of immature teenagers I can no longer keep up with – but that’s a whole other issue in itself for another day…

So how do we get to the stage where we realise that we can successfully seize adulthood with two hands? Is it when we get our own homes? Is it when we get married, have children? Does it ever really come? It’s a question that I’m yet able to answer, but like everyone else I just keep plodding along and winging it until everything finally falls into place.

That is what everyone else is doing, right? x

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